The Peljesac Bridge project is the largest transportation infrastructure construction project since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Croatia. The total design length of the bridge is 2,440 meters. After completion, the bridge will connect Komarna on the Croatian mainland with Brijesta on the Pelješac peninsula, it will not only achieve the territories of Croatia, playing great significance to the development of Croatia and the improvement of people's livelihood and regional peace, but also greatly facilitates the travel of local people and promotes local development, and it will greatly contribute to the deepening of China-EU relations as well. 85% of the cost of the project is borne by the European Union Fund, the project is the first major construction project won by Chinese company in global bidding in EU, which funded by the EU and harmonized by EU standards.

On April 11, 2019, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council, accompanied by Croatian Prime Minister Plenkovic, visited the Pelješac Peninsula in southern Croatia.

CNOOD was responsible for the supply of 16,000 tons of bridge foundation pillars for this project.

Project Challenges

1. The manufacture standard is EN 1090 with highest level EXC4;
2. Single pillar length 128.4 meters, which is the longest pile in the world at that time;
3. Single pillar weight 250 tons, which leads big difficulties for transportation;
4. Very urgent delivery schedule requirement;
5. As the significant importance of the project, the client sent multiple parties &supervisors to audit, inspect and supervise during the whole production.

Our Solutions

1. Factory to obtain the EN 1090 EXC 4 certificate;
2. Select suitable supplier, study the project requirements carefully, and reasonably plan the production according to the project situation;
3. Use crawler crane and SPMT at the production site, with reasonable flow path; Work closely with COSCO in maritime transportation, develop a thorough transportation plan;
4. Very detailed production plan and strict implementation of the plan, assign production tasks to each work point and implement them;
5. Effectively communicate with all parties, cooperate with supervisors to conduct relevant inspection according to the requirements;


1. A historical project. The project is “Unification” Bridge in Croatia;
2. High quality. The project products produced with standard EN 1090 class EXC4; 0 unacceptable UT defect found during supervisors’ random inspection;
3. Pile new record. Single pile with 128.4m, 255 MT, which creates a new record for foundation pile in the world;
4. COSCO new record. Create a new record for COSCO shipping heavy lift vessel (length, single weight);
5. Very fast delivery. The 1st shipment 6k tons delivered within 56 days; the whole project 16k tons delivered within 100 days;
6. Customer satisfaction.