Calais port is the first French port and the second largest European port for travellers, located in one of the most active economic areas in the world with significant growth prospects.Calais is a major ferry port city located in northern France. Calais metropolitan area has population of around 127,000. This port city overlooks the English Channel's narrowest point - the Strait of Dover, which is just 34 km (21 mi) wide here. This makes Calais France's closest to England town.

Project Challenges

1. Meet Bouygues strict quality control requirement
2. High steel grade: EN 10025-6 S550QL, CNOOD upgrade EN1090 EXC4 certificate to include S550QL grade
3. Thickness: No negative tolerance at any point.
4. Coating: Meet ACQPA C5Mm
5. Design and install the brace to overcome the gravity to meet the project strict ovality tolerance

Our Solutions

EN 10219&EN 1090 EXC-3
S460M,S550QL Ф1800mm×27~35mm×44000mm
Ф2500mm×28~32mm×43000mm The tubes will be partly coated, with an anticorrosion coating certified NORSOK CS-M and IM2 made of 2 layers detailed in Appendix N°6 and Appendix N°7 . The coating's application will be compliant with EN ISO 12 944 standard.


High grade under EN 1090 EXC-3 requirement.