1. The Amador cruise terminal project is located in the Gulf of Panama, next to the eastern side of Perico Island in the south of Panama City. After completion, the new “home port” will have berthing capacity of 2 oasis class cruise ships at a time (1 pier with 2 berths, total length 1200 ft / 366 m) and capacity to handle up to 10,000 passengers.
2. CNOOD acts as the EPC specialist subcontractor providing all the works of detailing engineering, fabrication, procurement and installation of steel structures, steel pile pipes, metal deck, curtain wall and roof of the cruise terminal building and connected corridor. The project uses totally American standards: American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE, Steel Structure Association AISC, anti-corrosion Association of NACE, Builders Association AAMA standards.
3. The foundation of the terminal building adopts steel pipe piles, the main structure adopts steel structure, and the roof of the terminal building adopts a composite structure of steel truss structure and metal sandwich roof panel. The curtain wall of the terminal building is mainly composed of metal sandwich panels and aluminum alloy glass curtain walls (curved and plane), with a total construction area of about 9495.00m2.

Project Challenges

1. Communicated closely with the designer and the general contractor’s engineers during the detailing design phase, and successfully promoted Made in China with professionalism.
2. With a tight delivery schedule of the project, we realized the arrival of the main materials at site in 4 months, and the completion of the main structure installation in 3 months to provide guarantee for the smooth delivery of the project.
3. On-site construction involves multiple professional subcontractors and interface work, with many cross-operations and limited working areas. The procedures and construction periods need to be closely coordinated to maximize the overall benefits of the project.
4. Multicultural and multilingual background projects. On-site working languages are Chinese, English, Spanish; Chinese workers and Panamanian workers work together.
5. Outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, and force majeure factors affected the progress of the project.

Our Solutions

1. With a professional attitude, actively communicate with the original designer of the project, and successfully meet the owner's progress requirements through calculations, reports from TPI agencies, and evaluation reports from overseas technical experts.
2. Project management team stay in the factory to supervise, expedite the manufacturing and quality control.
3. Trilingual on-site management team connected closely the Chinese and foreign construction teams to create an efficient communication, harmonious and respectful working environment.
4. Actively cooperated with the general contractor CHEC to organize a temporary antiepidemic plan, and scientifically arrange the peak shift construction to minimize the adverse impact of the epidemic.


1. CNOOD’s another successful EP+Construction project case in Central America.
Steel structure: 4100 tons
Pipe pile: 2500 tons
Metal sandwich panel and aluminum alloy glass curtain wall: 9556 m2
Sandwich roof panel: 10273 m2
Peak on-site construction labor: 170 people
2. Highlights: The iconic buildings of Panama City ended the history of Panama City’s 10,000-ton cruise ships unable to berth. A project responded to the country’s “One Belt, One Road” call and displayed a brand-new image of “Made in China”.