NnG Offshore Wind Limited is developing the Neart na Gaoithe (NnG) Offshore Wind Farm (OWF), a 450MW development located in the North Sea, off the Fife Coast, Scotland. The project is at an advanced stage of development with construction phase currently scheduled to be completed by 2021. The commissioning is scheduled for 2023.
The Foundations for 54 Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) and two Offshore Transformer Modules (OSS) shall be 3 legged lattice "jacket" supported on piles. CNOOD is selected as approved supplier by EPC Contractor to supply of 54 No. TP Central Column for the OWF.

Project Challenges

1. TP Column Size: OD6000 x WT40~85 x Length 11460mm @ 105tonnes per piece.
2. Fabrication and Inspection in accordance with DNVGL-OS-C401_July 2019, including CTOD requirement.
3. Strict Quality Requirement, 100%UT+100%MT+100%VT in accordance with DNV standard
4. Full quality supervision by client/contractor engineers and inspectors
5. High Level Document Control Requirement: 100% traceability
6. Daily and Weekly Meeting with EPC Contractor.

Our Solutions

CNOOD's scope of services included procurement, fabrication, Inspection, packing, storage and delivery of Steel Plate, TP Flange and TP Central Column. CNOOD project team provide full technical support for fabrciation and inspeciton to fully compliance with DNVGL-OS-C401_July 2019 and NNG Project Specification. CNOOD also engage more than 20 peoples team, including CNOOD team members and TPI inspectors, involved in the project to monitor and supervise the full procurement, fabrication, inspection, packing and delivery process.


1. One of the first European Offshore Wind Farm Project fabricated in China in the past decade, fabricating in accordance with DNVGL-OS-C401_July 2019, and CTOD Requirement