Packaging and Carbonate Buildings - Steel Structures 3,600 MT, Roof and Sidings 25,000 M2, Cranes, Engineering and Procurement

Project Challenges

1, Various kinds and categories of steel structures, siding and roofing and indoor overhead cranes.
2, Inconsistant and changing engineering input.
3, Structural steel delivery schedule is critical for project site contruction works.
4, Requirements to comply with Argentine local regulations.

Our Solutions

1, Consolidate all the Teams, including raw material supplier, fabricators and engeering teams to provide integrated and optimized solutions.
2, Effective communication and coordination with clients' engineering teams to ensure the fabrication progress and delivery milestones.
3, Arrange Chilean engineering team to make the basic and connection design, and Chinese engineering team to make models and shop design.


1, On-time supply delivery to ensure the construction milestones.
2, high-quality products to promote the contruction works.
3, Effective communication, cooperation and coordination with all parties to create values for all parties.
4, Over-valued service for Client.
5, Complying with Argentine local regulations and technical standards.