CNOOD is committed to supporting manufacturing projects in South America based on the Fishery Industry in the south of the country. Pontoon project is a feeding vessel for the deep-sea aquaculture industry. China's strong manufacturing industry can support the productivity of southern South America, boost the development of the industry, and promote the fishery import and export business chain between China and Chile. CNOOD will continue to support the development of related businesses in this industry in the future.

Project Challenges

1. HSE Risk for the Execution
2. No case can be found in any production enterprise according to the Strict precaution policy from CHNIA government against COVID-19
3. Lack of Labor
4. Fabrication Resuming need to receive the officially announcement from Government
5. The Industrial shutdown limited or shortage the construction teams.

Our Solutions

1. Get Supported by Shipyard. Negotiate with the Top Managing leaders for getting the priority of production arrangement.
2. HSE Plan & Control; Personnel physical examination before returning to work as required; All construction personnel should pass the project's internal safety training before working; The HSE department shall carry out the routine inspection and supervision of epidemic prevention.
3. Pick up Workers; Combined with the labor plan, tracking the progress of labor returning continuously; Pick up the labor from Domestic by own bus; Arrange the over work to catch the urgent delivery time


1. Short Designing Time: Almost finished the hull structure designing within 7 days.
2. Quick Response: All technical queries are submitted and replied within 1 or 2 days.
3. CNOOD QA/QC supervision during whole project.
4. Logistic Proposal Analysis according to the final delivery condition.
5. Interface Analysis including:
-Deliverable Feature
-Final Delivery Condition
-Logistic Proposal
-Interface Parties Identify