Why Professionals Choose CNOOD?
CNOOD is for Engineers, project managers, designers and other professionals ready for a challenge. CNOOD designs and builds some of the world’s most complex projects, delivering one stop solution of engineering, procurement, and construction services for clients globally.
Challenge Yourself at CNOOD
CNOOD delivers some of the most challenging and complex projects for businesses and governments around the world. With global clients in more than 300 countries annually, enormous skills and capabilities are required.
People make the Difference
Since 2008, CNOOD employees have been instrumental in developing the tools and systems used today to execute its complex projects safely, smartly and with the highest quality. If you value teamwork and want to be challenged in your career and help CNOOD take project execution to a new level, check out CNOOD's professional career opportunities.
Advantages of Working at CNOOD
CNOOD rewards hard work, knowledge and commitment. The company's benefits and human resources programs are designed to attract and retain the best employees. CNOOD is an equal opportunity employer that recognizes the value of a diverse workforce. All qualified individuals will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or any other criteria protected by local law.

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Career Development

At CNOOD, we are ready to help you explore your full potential at every stage of your career.

You will find a wide range of learning and development programmes to help you grow and advance your career, whether you are a new hire or an existing employee. These include programmes designed to hone your functional and technical skills, communication skills and managerial skills. There are also various schemes in place to support you in pursuing further academic and professional qualifications.

We also provide a flexible platform for our employees,especially for the senior partners.


The position in CNOOD contains Assistant, Manager, Senior Manager, Partner.

The Company follows relevant guidelines to nominate and confirm the employees’ promotions with a standardized and transparent procedure. The promotion shall be nominated by the employee’s current Partner supervisor, and approved by CNOOD’s board of directors at the same time.

Promotion applies to employees having employment contracts with the Company and meeting the following criteria:

At least two years in current position (flexibility is given for outstanding performer with an agreement from CNOOD’s Board)
Continuous performance above the average performance on the present position
Potential to cope with a higher graded job
Willingness to take over higher responsibility


Basic Training
The basic training will be focused on the basic knowledge to provide the employees with the necessary information to start the work, including the overview of the Company, and the general information and function of departments, including HR, Data Technology (DT), Finance & Accounting (FA) and Document Department, etc.
On-the-job Training
All new employees having signed employment contracts shall receive on-the-job training for a period of two months. The new employee will be guided and taught by his/her supervisor on the areas related to his/her works. At the end of the training period, the responsible supervisor will evaluate the employee’s performance.
Group Interaction
This session allows the new employees who have explored different kinds of experiences, knowledge and so on, to share their understandings and experiences in CNOOD via team or individual presentation on the topics of their choices.
Sponsorship for Professional Technical Training
The Company adopts the Sponsorship for Professional Technical Training Program as the Company recognizes that its growth and future success depends, to a great extent, on employees’ continuing improvement and its retention policy for employees. The purpose of this sponsorship, therefore, is to provide financial assistance to selected employees who wish to enhance their professional technical knowledge and skills through learning on-the-job learning and self-learning.
Education Fund
Under the premise of not affecting their normal working tasks, in order to actively encourage employees to pursue on-the-job education upgrade, the Company launched educational fund benefits. Employees can apply for on-the-job education opportunities in Workbench, and apply for reimbursement of education funds after obtaining the Company's approval and completing studies and obtaining the diploma.